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A little Neji/OC Gaiden I thought I'd start. This is the prologue so sorry for it being short. I will post the first chapter tomorrow if I'm not too sick.

Title: An Era of Beauty, Love, and Promise
Author: ...Kinda obvious
Pairing: None classified so far
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto in any way, shape, or form. I only own Sugako and Hitame.
Summary: Hyuuga Neji and Yamagata Sugako. Troubled childhoods, tough transitions. The one Neji has always loved, the one that Sugako has always...left in the dark. Sugako has been irresponsible with her life and now she turns to the one person whom might right it again. But where did it all begin? With Hyuuga Hizashi and Yamagata Hitame. Good friends, inseparable lovers.


"Keep Hitame-sama and Sugako-sama safe, Neji," Hizashi said. "Of course, father," the young Hyuuga said, looking up at his father. Their pearl eyes reflected in the bright moonlight that shined through a window in Neji's bedroom. "Also," Hizashi continued, taking something out of his pocket, "I want you to keep this close to you. It belongs to someone very special to me." He placed the silver, heart-shaped locket in his son's hand. It was heavy in his hand, intricately inscribed with words of intimacy written in kanji. Neji held it close to his heart and looked back up at his father. "I will never lose it..."

"'I see you and my heart skips, I hear your voice and I run to you, you are given to someone else and I become incomplete'." Neji swallowed hard and blinked a few times. He held the locket in his hand. A figure slept peacefully in his bed. Moonlight, as pale as his skin, rained in through the window. His hair was untied, the seal on his forehead illuminating in the natural light. He wore a robe, as dark as the night sky. Underneath were a pair of black boxer shorts. She stirred. He stood quickly. "Neji..." she muttered gently, reaching her hand to the empty spot on the bed beside her. He smiled gently and walked over to her. "I'm right here, Sugako," he said, raking his hands through her silky black hair. She sighed and smiled somewhat before returning to sleep. Neji's smile faded as he looked at the small lump that protruded from underneath her nightgown. Laying on the bed, he laid his hand on the small encasing. Something moved from inside. Being with Neji was not something Sugako wanted. She wanted to be with the father of her child. But who could it be? There were two possible men: Hatake Kakashi, her sensei, or the Uchiha half-demon, Itachi. One by love, the other by force. "I will find Uchiha," he whispered into the night. Sugako turned in his grasp, her head pressing on his chest.

The two had been friends ever since they were children. She and Hinata were the best of friends and their cousin rivalry often drove wedges between either Sugako and Hinata's friendship or Sugako and Neji's. But everything was better once Hiashi-sama apologized to Neji. All three were the best of friends. But where did it all go wrong? Sugako grew up with no mother. Neji grew up with no father. Neji was disciplined and turned out straight. Sugako fell in love with Kakashi-sensei, possibly carrying his baby. She was then raped by Itachi, his plan of her carrying the heir of the Uchiha clan. Sugako had nowhere to go. But when she finally broke the news to her father and step mother, Neji feared the worst. Which was why he claimed fatherhood. Until the baby was born, everyone in Konoha thought Neji and Sugako would have a child and ultimately get married. Sugako didn't want to be with Neji and he was hurt by this. Didn't she know? Didn't she know about her mother and his father?

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